Saturday, June 18, 2011

ArcSight Logger L750MB

Recently, I found a free promotion code for ArcSight Logger L750MB (claimed at value USD 49). So I use the code and obtained a licensed copy of the said software.

The software supports only on linux platform. Officially supported linux platforms are CentOS, RedHat and Oracle. I also tried to install it on Ubuntu, the software installer said it is not supported. In order to test it out, I selected CentOS.

The installation of CentOS is not difficult. As I install it on a VMWare Workstation 7 platform, I install the base CentOS platform using Easy Install. After that, installing the Logger software is as easy as point and click. Finally I adjusted the iptables settings in order to allow incoming logs connections (default 514/TCP and 515/UDP) and administration (choosen at installation time, I used 443/TCP).

After all these, I configured my demo firewall's syslog point to the newly installed logger. It works!

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huycan207 said...

Dear William,
I'm testing this solution now. I'm install it in a Red Hat Enterprise 5. But I don't know how to collect syslog.
Can you give me an idea? What firewall you had used to tesing? Thanks